Dermapen 4 MD® Collagen Induction therapy / Skin microneedling

The Dermapen 4 MD is the very latest technology upgrade and we are pleased to be one of the first in New Zealand to offer it after a number of years using the Dermapen 3 MD. It is an advanced fractional micro-needling device which has revolutionised the treatment of certain skin disorders. Up to 1920 micro punctures per second are delivered resulting in stimulation of new collagen and elastin production to rejuvenate the skin and correct abnormal scar collagen. There is huge global enthusiasm for this treatment due to its effectiveness and safety profile.

It is particularly useful to treat:

Acne scars
Surgical scars
Sun-damaged and aged skin (discolouration / fine-lines / broken capillaries / dullness)
Being so safe, makes it ideal for skin-ageing prevention 2 to 4 times per year

It’s advantages are:

It's your own collagen and elastin. The procedure stimulates your skin to produce its own natural components. It makes your skin more youthful, rather than injecting an artificial substance to try to look like more youthful skin.
Nil or minimal discomfort
Minimal downtime
Safe: No associated thermal tissue damage
Minimal risk of post-treatment pigmentary changes in darker skin
Single-use, sterile, no-cross contamination treatment head
Adjustable needling depth to 0 to 3 mm in precise auto-calibrated 0.1 mm increments
Allows a dramatic increase in the absorption of topical ingredients/medications
Microneedling or percutaneous collagen induction therapy is considered the most effective, noninvasive, inexpensive, and popular treatment modality for atrophic postacne scars all over the world with minimal downtime, especially in patients with Fitzpatrick's IV and V skin types.
Dermatologic Surgery Journal October 2018;44(10):1332-1341