Daily facial sunscreen improves photoaging

A recent prospective study of 32 participants over a one-year period has demonstrated that applying a broad-spectrum SPF30 daily facial sunscreen improves all the studied signs of photo-aging. The signs that improved were: overall photo damage, overall skin tone, crow's feet, fine lines, mottled pigmentation, discrete pigmentation, evenness of skin tone, clarity, and texture. Some of the improvements were also noted as earlier as 12 weeks into the study. Not only did the investigator scores improve, but the participants themselves agreed with the improvement. The most profound improvement was in skin surface and tone.

This study helps confirm dermatologist's long-standing belief of the benefit of a daily application of facial sunscreen (preferably in a pleasant moisturiser base) to not only protect against skin cancer, but also improve cosmetic appearance. Of course, this is not a ground-breaking new concept and there is a risk that people tire of the suggestion, but sunscreen is one of the most important factors in any anti-aging regimen. Remember, we believe 80% of the appearance of ageing skin originates from sun-damage rather than age itself. Just compare the look of the skin on your forearm to that the skin on the inside of your upper arm.

Source: Randhawa M, et al. Dermatol Surg 2016